1. Mango Delice Cup

    Mango Delice Cup

    £ 3.70

    Mango sorbet with strawberry jam layers and a light vanilla ice cream crown, topped with pistachio pieces. Gluten Free.

  2. Mousse De Choc

    Mousse De Choc

    £ 3.70

    Chocolate & cream dairy ice cream, with a chocolate leaf. Gluten Free.

  3. Caramel Fantastica

    Caramel Fantastica

    £ 3.70

    Vanilla and Caramel ice cream, with chocolate balls, toffee pieces and caramel sauce. Gluten Free.

  4. Mint Trufito

    Mint Trufito

    £ 3.70

    Mint ice cream with chocolate sauce in the centre and chocolate topping with mint pieces. Gluten Free,

  5. Coppa Rossa

    Coppa Rossa

    £ 3.70

    Mascarpone ice cream on a biscuit crumb and raspberry sauce base covered in raspberry and blackcurrant sauce and white chocolate shavings.

  6. Copa Sea Salt

    Copa Sea Salt

    £ 3.50

    Caramel ice cream topped with a layer of chocolate, caramel sauce and pieces of toffee with almonds inside.

  7. Cookie & Cream Pie

    Cookie & Cream Pie

    £ 4.50

    A cookie universe of white ‘n milk chocolate cream, starry with chunks and showered with dark chocolate all of the fun and delectable memories of America’s favourite cookie!

  8. Coconut Supreme

    Coconut Supreme

    £ 3.70

    Coconut ice cream in a half coconut shell with coconut pieces. Gluten Free.

  9. Matka


    £ 4.50

    A royal treat! Special blend of finest dairy kulfi with saffron sauce topped with rabdi (concentrated milk) with almond and pistachio pieces.

  10. Luxury Sticky Toffee Pudding With Butterscotch Sauce

    Luxury Sticky Toffee Pudding With Butterscotch Sauce

    £ 4.50

    Sticky Toffee pudding covered with rich and creamy butterscotch sauce.

  11. Punky


    £ 3.00

    Creamy vanilla ice cream in a free plastic toy.

  12. Flute Limoncellos

    Flute Limoncellos

    £ 4.50

    Lemon sorbet with limoncellos sauce floating in the lemon sorbet.

  13. Triple Sorbet

    Triple Sorbet

    £ 3.70

    An assortment of three different sorbets, mango lemon & raspberry, with lemon sauce.